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    Green PAC is an initiative of NHL Stenden and Windesheim

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    Developer DutchFiets Johannes Alderse Baas A big advantage of Green PAC is that I can use equipment and materials that I do not have jet. Lees meer

    Green PAC is the hub for green (fibre) chemistry in the North East Netherlands.

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    For you as a student Green PAC is the place to learn and at the same time gain practical experience. The challenge lies in the cooperation with companies researching and seeking solutions to their innovative questions within Green PAC.

    For start-ups
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    With the right facilities within reach and the ability to combine knowledge and skills Green PAC offers an attractive formula for you as an entrepreneur.

    Green PAC ›

    Green PAC is an open innovation centre for (green) plastics, fibres and composites. We initiate and facilitate ‘business-driven’ knowledge development.