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    The Green PAC Centre for Open Chemical Innovation (COCI) offers entrepreneurs with a proven technology and/or product the opportunity to increase their production capacity and compete at market level. Green PAC COCI is the springboard for entrepreneurs seeking to conquer the (global) market.

    Green PAC COCI is based in two locations in Emmen: the emmtec Industry & Businesspark where companies like DSM, Teijn, Bonar, Morssinkhof, Cumapol and Inverko have their premises and StendenPRE with, among other things, the plastics lab. Green PAC COCI offers excellent competencies in the field of polymers and biopolymers, fibres and composites. At Green PAC COCI an entrepreneur with a proven technology and/or product has the opportunity to scale up their production under favourable conditions.

    Green PAC COCI also offers access to a broad network in the plastics manufacturing industry.