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    The Green PAC Centre for Open Chemical Innovation (COCI) offers entrepreneurs with a proven technology and/or product the opportunity to increase their production capacity and compete at market level. Green PAC COCI is the springboard for entrepreneurs seeking to conquer the (global) market.


    Green PAC COCI is based in two locations in Emmen: the emmtec Industry & Businesspark where companies like DSM, Teijn, Bonar, Morssinkhof, Cumapol and Inverko have their premises and StendenPRE with, among other things, the plastics lab. Green PAC COCI offers excellent competencies in the field of polymers and biopolymers, fibres and composites. At Green PAC COCI an entrepreneur with a proven technology and/or product has the opportunity to scale up their production under favourable conditions.

    Green PAC COCI offers amenities that are necessary for the successful launch of a production line. These include:

    • Premises or halls for your pilot installation, extruders, etc.
    • Options on premises to support your growth
    • Laboratories such as the emmtec lab and the Stenden plastics lab
    • Necessary knowledge and skills via the Stenden Professorship of Applied Sciences in sustainable plastics
    • Storage facilities
    • Office accommodation
    • Waste disposal.

    Green PAC COCI offers expertise in the field of polymers, extensive technologies for the analysing of polymers, vast know-how in the field of engineering and various subsidy and grant opportunities. In short:

    • Expertise in the field of sustainable plastics
    • Close cooperation between industry, research institutes and the public sector
    • Characterisation of polymers, e.g. using chromatographic and spectroscopic methods
    • Support for process development and other engineering services
    • A broad range of subsidy and grant opportunities, especially for innovative ideas.

    Additionally, Green PAC COCI’s partners have extensive knowledge in the field of research, product and application development and technologies for the analysing of polymers (including via Stenden’s Professorship of Applied Sciences in sustainable plastics). In this the emphasis lies on:

    • Biopolymers
    • Smart materials
    • Recycling and upcycling

    Green PAC COCI offers extensive support with regard to subsidy and grant opportunities, especially in the field of innovation- and development-related grants and subsidies. These include:

    • Top sector grants from the Dutch government
    • EU subsidy programmes for innovative companies
    • Private investment funds supporting companies in the Emmen region.
    • Tax benefits through WBSO (R&D tax credit), RDA (Research and Development Allowance) and RDA+
    • De minimis aid.

    In short Green PAC COCI offers:

    • A combination of applied research (via the Stenden PRE Professorship of Applied Sciences in sustainable plastics) and practical experience
    • A significant contribution to the development of intelligent (green) materials
    • Support in converting innovative ideas into marketable products
    • Together with its partners, valuable know-how and suitable facilities, for example laboratories
    • The possibility of obtaining quicker grants and subsidies thanks to COCI status.

    If you are interested in the concrete opportunities of Green PAC COCI for your business and are aiming to become a serious player on the (global) markets, then contact us.


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