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    If you, like us, see the opportunities and potential of Green PAC and are interested in finding out how Green PAC can make a difference to you, you can get more information about Green PAC (both the iLab and COCI locations) by contacting us.


    For general information about Green PAC contact:

    Rob Voncken
    Managing director
    T +31653401427
    E r.voncken@greenpac.eu or vonckenrob@gmail.com

    For more information about Green PAC iLab please contact:

    Ferna Jalink
    Advisor Green PAC iLab
    T +31652466471
    E FG.Jalink@windesheim.nl

    For more information about Green PAC COCI please contact:

    Harm-Jan Bouwers
    Business Developer COCI
    T +31681705191

    Within Green PAC there are also various innovation coaches for the COCI and iLab locations. These coaches offer support in the development of innovation projects in the field of biobased plastics, fibres and composites.

    For the Green PAC COCI locations these are:

    Cor Kamminga
    T +31503175550

    Frank Lijten
    T +31653830198

    Jan van Ee
    T +31634367463

    Erik Roesink
    T +31653317991
    E e.roesink@somut.nl

    Visiting addresses for COCI locations
    emmtec Industry & Businesspark
    Eerste Bokslootweg 17
    7821 AT Emmen

    Van Schaikweg 94
    7811 KL Emmen

    Postal address
    FAO Harm-Jan Bouwers
    Van Schaikweg 94
    7811 KL Emmen

    For the Green PAC iLab location these are:

    Ynte van der Meer
    T +31617105943

    Ferna Jalink
    T +31652466471

    Visiting and postal address for iLab location
    Polymer Science Park
    FAO Green PAC iLab
    Ceintuurbaan 15
    8022 AW Zwolle

    If you have any general queries about Green PAC please e-mail them to info@greenpac.eu quoting your name and contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.