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    Green PAC iLab offers nascent entrepreneurs support with the development, production and marketing of innovative plastic products and parts. At Green PAC iLab this support is offered under very favourable conditions and creates ample opportunities to work towards the world of tomorrow.


    Innovate yourself at Green PAC iLab

    At Green PAC iLab you will be given access to explore your entrepreneurial qualities so that in the space of three years you can grow from eager starter to self-aware entrepreneur. Green PAC iLab is based at Ceintuurbaan 15 in Zwolle.

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    are you

    a (part-time) entrepreneur or do you have ambitions to become one?

    Enterprise means seeing opportunities. At Green PAC iLab we are offering you the opportunity to realise your ambitions as an entrepreneur at low cost (between €175 and €250 a month).

    with a plastic product (or part)

    Plastic is in our DNA. At Green PAC iLab we focus on the development, application and production of plastic products (preferably based on green raw materials) and are always on the look-out for entrepreneurs that want to do or are going to do something with plastic.

    seeking inspiration, innovation and interaction?

    Stronger together. At Green PAC iLab you never work alone. The open workspace (where you work with other entrepreneurs in the same room) provides scope for interaction. In addition we like to give you the impetus to become innovative (e.g. via workshops and masterclasses).

    inspiration. innovation. interaction.