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    Green PAC iLab (an initiative of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences and Stenden University of Applied Sciences) is an innovative hub (incubator), where business start-ups can take a ‘promising concept’ for a plastic product (or part) and quickly develop into a serious, competitive player on the market.

    Who are we?

    Green PAC iLab is based at the Polymer Science Park in Zwolle and offers nascent (student) entrepreneurs the opportunity to work with excellent facilities (including lab facilities) on an innovative plastic product (or part). The advantage this offers is that nascent (student) entrepreneurs can operate independently and are able to develop, without having to immediately invest in expensive equipment, applied research and advice and development.


    Green PAC iLab has a number of partners. Green PAC iLab cooperates with these partners in various territories and, alongside the reputation, visibility and publicity of Green PAC iLab, contributes to the further strengthening and expansion of the knowledge and experience that we offer with Green PAC iLab.

    Kvk_logo The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK) is there for the entrepreneur. That’s the philosophy behind having the Chamber of Commerce as a partner for Green PAC iLab. So in 2014 we organised the first Green PAC iLab Chemical Café together with the Chamber of Commerce. You can find out more about the Chamber of Commerce here.
    logo oostnv East Netherlands Development Agency Oost NV (Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost NV) develops and supports innovation projects and helps to finance these. Oost NV guides international entrepreneurs to Gelderland and Overijssel, and renovates business parks and ICT infrastructure. PPM Oost, the venture capital company of Oost NV, invests in innovative companies and manages innovation funds. It espouses the knowledge economy of the East Netherlands and is strong in Agro-Food, Life Sciences, High Tech, Energy, and the Manufacturing Industry. You can find out more about Oost NV here.
    logo_kennispoort_regio_zwolle Kennispoort Regio Zwolle is the innovation network that takes care of connections and cross-connections between enterprises, education, research and government. For example, Kennispoort promotes cooperation on innovations and the sharing of knowledge and experience. Kennispoort offers a reliable platform where experts help to drive forward the innovations of entrepreneurs in a professional, independent and practice-led manner. Entrepreneurs with promising innovative ideas are guided from idea to realisation. You can find out more about Kennispoort Regio Zwolle here.
    logo psp1 The Polymer Science Park is the industrial breeding ground for the plastics industry: an open innovation centre for applied plastics technology, which focuses on research into (high) performance polymers, including composites, rubbers, engineering plastics, coatings and biopolymers. From idea to product-ready prototypes. In addition, since the end of 2014 the Polymer Science Park has provided the physical location for Green PAC iLab. You can find out more about the Polymer Science Park here.
    JqkQowUb  Lovetofund is the crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and nascent entrepreneurs in the Zwolle region. The aim of Lovetofund is to enable everyone in the Zwolle region to determine, themselves, which plans deserve a chance and to support entrepreneurs and nascent entrepreneurs in involving their valuable network and in the realisation of their plans. You can find out more about Lovetofund here.

    Publicity and media
    Green PAC iLab actively seeks publicity and can regularly be found in various media. Here is a summary:

    Stentor Article on Green PAC dated 11 November 2013

    Hogeschool Krant WIN Interview with iLab entrepreneur Bob Vroegh

    Hogeschool Krant WIN of 23 October 2014

    Dagblad van het Noorden interview with iLab company DutchFiets dated 17 March 2015

    In addition to featuring in newspapers and journals Green PAC iLab can also be found on various online media:

    Click here to see Green PAC iLab’s contribution to the Mediaplanet media campaign ‘Startups’ (the hard copy of this startups campaign was distributed as a supplement to the Financieel Dagblad of Saturday 28 March 2015)