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    Green PAC is the hub for green (fibre) chemistry in the North East Netherlands and the place to develop knowledge. At Green PAC ideas lead to innovations and innovations to new products: products with added value and the power to compete on the market.

    For you as a student Green PAC is the place to learn and at the same time gain practical experience. The challenge lies in the cooperation with companies researching and seeking solutions to their innovative questions within Green PAC. You help them, and they give you the opportunity to take the first steps in your career.

    Green PAC is attractive for students at both HBO and MBO level. Whether you want to conduct research at HBO level or cooperate with the concrete development of products at MBO level, there is ample opportunity to do so within Green PAC.

    For example, Green PAC offers:

    • Research posts for HBO students geared towards appealing, state-of-the art applied research. For example, conducting tests and simulations, building prototypes, production of test series and business cases (with specific developments towards marketing, sales);
    • A dynamic place for learning and working for MBO students to experiment extensively and in a practice-led environment within innovative projects;
    • A physical location for post-HBO programmes with technical training courses on (green) plastics, fibres and composites, practical research and courses in research skills.

    Do you have ambitions to work in green (fibre) chemistry and think that your knowledge and skills can contribute to further technological breakthroughs in this sector? Then contact us.

    We also offer the two-year Masters in Polymer Engineering. Click on the Masters in Polymer Engineering button for more information on this programme, unique in the Netherlands.